Requirements to Mentor with Forerunner

  • Time Commitment: We expect mentors to meet up with their Forerunner at least every other week. This time is meant to give your forerunner the attention and affirmation he needs to become a godly man.

    • Contact your Forerunner once a week

    • Meet face-to-face every other week

    • Attend monthly mentor meetings

    • Attend quarterly family dinners

    • Attend annual retreat

    • Participate in fun mentor relationship outings as often as possible

  • Character Commitment: We want all of our Forerunners to know the love of God, and leave encouraged and built up every time they meet with their mentors. We want our mentors to be father figures to our Forerunners, not just a buddy to hang out with.

  • Church Commitment: All of our mentors must be actively growing in their love and walk with the Lord in a local church community.

If in good faith you meet the criteria above, then your next steps are as follows:

  1. Click the button below to fill out an initial application

  2. Fill out questionnaire application

  3. We will schedule an interview and contact your references

  4. Complete MinistrySafe training and background check

  5. Read and Sign Mentor Handbook

  6. Director of Mentoring introduces mentor to student and parent/guardian

Step One: Initial Application

After filling out this initial application, we will follow up with a questionnaire and schedule an interview to go over our screening process for volunteer mentors.