Potential Forerunners

For more information about Forerunner Mentoring, see our flyer at the bottom of this page.

Requirements to Participate in Forerunner Mentoring Program

  1. The student has to live in a home where no father figure is present.

  2. The student has to attend a Richardson ISD school that feeds into Lake Highlands High School.

  3. The student has to have a desire to participate in our program.

  4. The mother has to agree to participate in our Forerunner Family Program

  5. The student has to have a reliable and consistent way home from our after-school programs.

If the student meets the criteria above, then the next steps are as follows:

  1. Contact their mother and introduce them to Forerunner Mentoring.

    Tell them you think their son would be an excellent candidate for our program. When describing us, please say “Forerunner Mentoring is a faith-based program that serves young men with potential living in a home with no father figure present. They provide a Godly man to mentor your son, a quality after-school program that focuses on academic and character improvement, and support to the mother as she leads her family.”

  2. If mom is interested, you must get her permission to give her and her son’s information to us. You can do this by asking “Do I have you permission to give Forerunner Mentoring your information? They will contact you if that’s ok.”

  3. Once this happens, please fill out the form below and make us aware of the potential Forerunner and his family.

  4. Once those three steps are taken, we will take care of the rest!

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