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Mentors 2019-2020 

New Mentor Handbook

This is our 2019-2020 Mentor Handbook. It includes updates to our mentoring tracking process, expectations of returning mentors, and our new and improved mentor handbook. Please download and read through this on your own time.

Driver's Policy

If you intend to drive your Forerunner anywhere this school year, please fill out this eSignature form.

Mentors may from time to time be in a position to provide transportation for children. We will need your Driver's License and Car Insurance information on file before you will have access to provide transportation to your Forerunner. The following guidelines should be strictly observed when mentors are involved in the transportation of children:

  1. Children should never be transported without parental permission.

  2. Children should be transported directly to their destination. No unauthorized stops should be made.

  3. Mentors should avoid physical contact with children while in vehicles.

  4. No cell phones may be used by the driver while providing transportation for children.

  5. Children should not drive a vehicle belonging to a mentor unless they have a valid driver's license, a guardian's approval, and the owner's consent.

  6. Mentors must be at least 21 to provide transportation to children.

If an accident occurs, the responsibility falls on the owner of the vehicle.

Calendar & RSVP process

You can view our annual calendar at

This calendar is publicly available and contains all Forerunner Events. Feel free to go ahead and add the mentor-related events to your own calendar.

RSVP process
On a monthly basis we will send you calendar invites to your email address for mentor-related events. Please RSVP via these calendar invites. If you do not reply, we will follow up with texting you.

Mandatory Mentor-Related Events for this year:

08/04/19 - Fall Mentor Meeting
09/29/19- Quarterly Family Dinner
10/16/19 - Fall Mentor Breakfast
12/08/19 - Quarterly Family Dinner
01/12/20 - Spring Mentor Meeting
02/02/20 - Quarterly Family Dinner
03/11/20 - Spring Mentor Breakfast
05/03/20 - EOY Party

Other Events
We will have additional optional outings for mentors to help encourage your mentor relationships (Fishing Trips, Ball games, etc). You will receive invites to these via calendar invites.

Mentoring Connects

Mentoring Connects are in-person interactions you have with your Forerunner. This could be at the After-School Program, dinner with your/his family, spending time at the park, going to his games, etc.

We encourage you to invite your Forerunner into your life as consistently as you can. In order to ensure safety we require mentors to report mentoring connects. These will be reviewed by the Director of Mentoring with every mentor on a bi-monthly basis.There are two ways to submit your mentoring connects:

  • Submit the mentoring connects form at

  • Text the Director of Mentoring

    • Include as much information as you can: when, what, and where

Make a plan. Sit down with your Forerunner's Mom and make a plan for when you're going to hangout with your Forerunner this school year. This will alleviate stress on your end and make it easier for you to report your Mentoring Connects. NOTE: If you are consistent and have a scheduled mentoring rhythm, that means you won't have to submit mentoring connects week after week. Just keep a record of when, what, and where and we will review it on a bi-monthly basis.

One-to-One Interactions

Forerunner Mentoring Program recognizes that meeting Forerunner objectives may occasionally require that mentors interact with children on an individual basis.Mentors should conduct one-to-one meetings with an individual child at a time when others are present and where interactions can be easily observed. There will be no one-to-one meetings between a mentorand a child behind closed doors. If a circumstance arises where a private one-to-one meeting does occur, the mentor will notify the Forerunner Mentoring Program administrator immediately before or after the meeting.Mentors associated with Forerunners should adhere to the following guidelines regarding one-adult/one-child situations:

  • When choosing a room or indoor space to use, mentors must use only open areas where they are easily observed and accessed

  • At no time will mentors be alone with children in isolated areas, including behind closed doors, for any length of time

  • If using a room with a closed door, the door will either have windows or will be left open

  • Avoid taking children to the restroom

  • Never be nude in the presence of children

  • Whenever possible, travel with another mentor while transporting a Forerunner; when not possible, go directly to and from an event with a Forerunner

  • Physical contact and affection should be appropriate to the child’s age

  • Inappropriate touching and inappropriate displays of affection are forbidden

  • Possession of sexually oriented materials is prohibited

  • No mentor should have a mentored child with him overnight, in any context

  • Parental approval is always required for all activities

After-School Program

We love having the ability to invite mentors into our After-School Programs every school day from 3-6pm. Showing up to program is a great way for you to spend time with your Forerunner.

  • K-6th | 10110 McCree Rd.

  • 7-8th | Lake Highlands Junior High

  • 9-12th | No ASP

Please follow instructions from the program team lead as they are in charge of their program.

When coming to an After-School Program:

  • Text/call to ensure that your Forerunner is present at program! This will eliminate frustration if you show up and your Forerunner is absent.

    • On-site contact for K-6th: Director of Mentoring

    • On-site contact for 7-8th: Team Lead

  • Pray before and make sure you are leaving all your problems from the day at the door.

  • First impressions are important! Say hello, smile, create a handshake, etc.

  • Ask about tests, projects coming up, check his agenda, folder, backpack. etc.

  • A list of activities to do with your Forerunner will be available at program.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, contact the Forerunner’s teacher or the school’s principal to discuss grades, test scores, academic progress, medical issues, special needs, or anything of that nature.