Befriend a Forerunner Mom


Our Forerunner moms are the real all-stars of our program. They do their absolute best to provide for their family in every way. They work. They serve. They do carpool. They cook. They parent. They are raising up their children with very little support. We want to come along side them and support them in any way possible. We are not here to fix or to offer our opinions. We do not give unsolicited advice. We are here to serve. We are here to listen and to be a friend to someone who might need a hand from time to time. We believe “Relationships Change Lives” and we make that happen by spending time with our moms and entering into their worlds by listening and showing up. That’s our job. We’d love for you to be a part of that.

The main aspects of the ministry are as follows:

  • Make every effort to come to our Forerunner Mom Nights: These take place once a month on Thursday nights. Childcare and Dinner are provided.

  • Get to know a Forerunner Mom over time: We do that by intentionally asking our moms questions and making them feel welcome.

  • Get their contact info: Once you have gotten to know a Forerunner mom, get their contact info and build a relationship with them. Take them out for coffee, call them, text them… just do what you do with your normal friendships!

  • Pray for our Moms: We believe prayer works. Some of our moms do not have one person in this world praying for them. What a cool opportunity we have!

  • Look for ways to serve them: Pick up their kids, have them over for dinner, take her out for a girls night, take her to a bible study or church service… we find out what will bless them when we get to know them and enter into their world.

Action Steps

  • Fill out Friend Application

  • Meet with Staff Member

  • Come to our events and get to know a Forerunner mom

Friend Application

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