You have the opportunity to be used to change someone's life. 

  • Invest time and energy
  • Love your Forerunner no matter what
  • Watch the Lord transform his life over time

What Do I Need to do to Become a Mentor? 

We are looking for men who have the following:

  • Time to invest into mentoring
  • A personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Membership at a local church
  • If married, the blessing of their wife and children
  • At a minimum, the ability to fulfill at two year commitment
  • Live within 8 miles of Lake Highlands High School

What exactly is Mentoring?

We believe 90% of mentoring is about showing up.

Mentoring is about building a trusting relationship with another person and investing into that relationship for their benefit. The heart of mentoring is found in the question “How can I help you?” as opposed to “What can I teach you?”

The best mentors follow the example of Jesus Christ.

  • They show up no matter what
  • They speak truth in an encouraging way
  • They have an intimate relationship with God the Father

Why Mentoring? 

Relationships Change Lives.

If you ask an adult "Who had the greatest impact on your life?", it would not take them long to answer that question. That's because relationships change lives. It's not about lectures, books, or sermons.  It's all about relationships. And relationships take time. 

Look at Jesus. He spent the majority of his ministry pouring into 12 men. He spent time with them and showed them how to act. After his death, those 12 men changed the world. Jesus was all about relationships. 

More is Caught than Taught

Sure, you can sit down and tell a young man the "6 Steps to Become a Godly Man", but our experiences tell us that that doesn't work out too well. Actions speak louder than words. He is going to learn how to become a Godly man by watching you be a Godly man.

What is the time commitment as a Mentor?

We ask that you see your Forerunner at the minimum, once every two weeks. We prefer once a week. 

We ask that you contact him via text or a phone call once a week.

We also ask that you make every effort to come to our Forerunner events. 

Will You Train Us?

Yes! We will be by your side as you develop a relationship with your Forerunner. We will be here to guide you through the tough times and celebrate with you during the good times. We got your back.