What is Your Dream
For Your Son?

Let’s work together to make that dream come true.

In our own lives, many of us were touched by someone other than our parents who broadened our horizons and encouraged us to move beyond our perceived limitations. That may have been a friend, family member, pastor, or employer. The Forerunner Mentoring Program exists to facilitate life transformation in the lives of young men through the power of one on one mentoring relationships founded on trust, love, and intentionality.

Our hope is that the young men in our program will gain the confidence necessary to reach their full potential in the key areas of life so they can become a Godly husband, father, and future leader in their community. We ask the question “If a boy grows up in a home without a father figure present, who is going to help that boy become a positive and productive man?” We believe the answer lies within Forerunner Mentoring.

On a practical level, what does this look like? We ask our mentors to make a commitment to their Forerunner to see them, at the least, every 2 weeks. The mentor is expected to grow a strong relationship with his Forerunner by showing up consistently, being encouraging, and by being a Godly example for the Forerunner to look up to.

We want our mothers to know that they are the most important person in the life of their son. We believe this works best when our program teams up with our mothers to create a unit committed to serving the young man. We are not here to fix or to replace the father. We simply want the best for our young man. We believe this starts with his mother. We respect your voice and want you to play an active role in the relationship.

For our moms, we ask “What is your dream for your son?” Whatever the answer, we want to work with you to make that dream a reality.

For more information regarding the program, please contact us with questions or concerns at hello@forerunnermentoring.com.


Action Steps

These area the steps that have to be done in order for you and your son to join our program.

  • Meet with a Staff Member of Forerunner

  • Have Son Meet with a Staff Member of Forerunner

  • Fill out Mother Application (See below)

  • Read and Sign Parent Packet

  • Read and Sign Liability Waiver

  • Enter Into our Program

Download – Parent Packet

Download - Parent Packet: Spanish

Download – Liability waiver form