After-School Programs

Our after-school programs run Monday-Friday until 6pm. These programs allow for our Forerunners to receive daily mentoring from our Godly staff. We focus on academics, character, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Foundations Program

Kinder-2nd Grade

  • Discuss character, academic standing and potential with mom and teachers past and present

  • Have mother and potential Forerunner go through an application and interview process

  • Connect with student’s principal and teachers at local elementary schools

  • Each student will participate in our Foundations Program from 3-6pm on Monday through Friday to focus on building a strong foundation of literacy in a Christ-Centered environment


Equipping Program

3rd-6th Grade

  • Recruit and train mentors

  • Pair each young man up with a Christ-Centered mentor who will lay the relational foundation of trust and love by spending time and investing with the Forerunner

  • Each student will participate in our Equipping Program from 3-6pm in our Equipping Program on Monday through Friday to focus on equipping our young men with the tools needed to fulfill their God-given potential in education, character, and leadership

Development Program

Development Program

7-8th Grade

  • Each young man in our program will continue building a relationship based on trust and unconditional love 

  • Each student will participate in our Development Program from 3:30-6pm on Monday through Friday to focus on helping our young men transition from boyhood into manhood by guiding him through adolescence with a focus on Christ



9-12th Grade

  • Our Forerunners continue learning about importance of character, leadership, and education by following the example of his mentor. We also require all Forerunners to participate in AVID as well as one more extra-curricular activity.

  • We love for our Forerunners to participate in positive activities such as Young Life, church youth groups, etc.

  • Our mentors take necessary steps to ensure that our Forerunners are in good standing academically, emotionally, and socially so our they can thrive on their own when the graduate from high school