T Bar M

We love providing experiences for our Forerunners. Anytime we have an opportunity to open up a door for our young men to guide them into something new, we try to make that happen! Meet people who are different than you. Do something you’ve never done before. Travel outside your comfort zone. We believe the Lord can unlock so many things as we venture into the unknown. And look at those smiles! T Bar M was, once again, a huge blessing to our Forerunners and their mothers. Our boys had an absolute blast while Mom got a week to herself back in Lake Highlands. We sent some of our younger Forerunners to Sports Camp in New Braunfels, TX while our junior high Forerunners spent the week at Camp Travis near Austin, TX. No phones. No TV. No worries. Just a whole lot of fun in a safe, Christian environment. We can’t wait to go back next year! Thank you for providing a way for our Forerunners and their moms to experience the blessing of T Bar M.

Zachary GarzaComment