K-2 Foundations Program Coordinator - Meet Caroline!

One of my good friends has a saying that I have come to love, “Life is a people game." What he means when he says that is that good people make or break an organization. We can teach almost anyone the ins and outs of mentoring, but you can’t teach someone how to love and serve kids like Jesus, and you can’t teach someone how to selflessly minister and care for the fatherless. People like that are rare. They don’t come around too often.

Lucky for us, we found one. Caroline Gibbons starting working for Forerunner part time in our K-2 Foundations Program last fall. She displayed all the qualities that we look for in a Forerunner employee. She was faithful and hard working. She loved our Forerunners for who they are not for what they do. She was encouraging and upbeat. Simply put, our Forerunner’s and their mothers felt the love of Jesus every time they interacted with Caroline. We decided her character and skills were too valuable to lose and asked her to hop on board full-time as our K-2 Foundations Program Coordinator. She will also help out with Forerunner’s operations and communications. Please help us welcome Caroline to our full-time staff. I know she will be a blessing to our staff and our Forerunner families as she helps us become the best ministry we can be!

Zachary GarzaComment