May 2019 Recap


What do you see when you look into a box of legos?

Do you see a random assortment of blocks?
A chaotic mix of colors, shapes, and sizes?
A mess and a stubbed toe waiting to happen?
What do you see?

I'll tell you what our kids see...

They see castles and robots and spaceships.
They see alligators and laser guns and skyscrapers.
In that box of blocks, they see endless possibilities.

May they see the same in themselves.

We are in the business of building relationships that encourage every kid in our program to see in themselves what they see in that lego box.

When they look in the mirror, what do they see?

We want them to see God's vision for their life.

A man who gives respect and takes responsibility.
A brother who forgives quickly and loves courageously.
A son who walks in faith and knows he's chosen.
A father who will one day live his life investing in others.

Thank you for your support.
For seeing in them what they see in the box of legos: endless possibilities.
Lord, increase our faith. More of you. Less of us.


Zachary Garza Sr.
Founder and Executive Director
Forerunner Mentoring


May 2019 Recap

Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day was a free, fun, experiential learning program that taught our Forerunners how to start, own, and operate their own business. Thank you to everyone who came out to support them in front of Tom Thumb this month!

Moms Night / Mother’s Day

We love our moms. Glad we got them all together one last time before the summer to celebrate them.

Family Dinner

We honored every Forerunner with a certificate, acknowledging the specific areas they have grown in and displayed godly character. Special thanks to: The Kimball family, Raising Canes, Jahmaol Clark, and Shannon Mathis.

Arcade Day

We celebrated all the scripture our boys memorized over the course of the year with a day at an arcade and cookie cake!

Last Day of School

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