June 2018 Thank You Letter

Welcome to June. Welcome to the hot. Welcome to the summer. As we look back on the school year, we have a number of things to celebrate. Here are a few:

- Every child in our after-school programs received 384 hours of intentional love, care, and support. We spent this time building relationships with our young men and investing in their academic growth, character development, and spiritual maturation. Trust the process.

- We gave our moms a night off almost every single month through our Forerunner Mom’s Class. We spent this time building community among our mothers and our Forerunner friends. We heard the Gospel. We shared testimonies. We laughed and cried and everything in between. We even had one mom express interest in being discipled. That’s a huge win. Relationships change lives.

- We matched up ten new mentors with their Forerunners. That means ten kids who are growing up without a father figure present now have a positive male role model to look up to and to guide them into manhood. Invest. Love. Transform.

- We were able to send every one of our kids to at least one summer camp. We partnered with T Bar M camps, KAA Kamps, Dallas Parks and Rec, and Heger Watersports Camp to give our kiddos something positive to do throughout the summer months. This is also a way to give mom a well-deserved week off of parenting.

Let us celebrate what happened this year. Let us praise the Lord for his faithfulness. Let us continue to work hard serving our neighbors while we keep our eyes on him. It takes a village and everything that you just read could not be possible without your support. Your financial contribution allowed the vision that the Lord gave us to become a reality.  You allow us to be “Jesus in tennis shoes”.

Hear us when we say… thank you. You are appreciated. We are grateful.

More of Him. Less of us!


Relationships Change Lives

Zachary GarzaComment