April 2018 Thank You Letter

One of the focuses of our Junior High Development Program is to teach our Forerunners skills that we believe every man should know. We’ve already taught our boys how to put up a tent, shake a hand, and ask engaging questions. Next up on the list; how to make a delicious hamburger. One of our Board Members volunteered to let us use his grill, so we packed up all of our ingredients and headed over there.

As we’re sitting there smashing the meat into patties, one of our Forerunners noticed something. He nudged our Team Leader Isaac and said “How come there are so many people in this house?”

In the short 5 minutes we had been at the house, our kids had already met mom, dad, and two of their three sons. He witnessed them talking, laughing, and just living life together like they normally do. He looked at Isaac and said “Man. I wish I had that. I wish I had brothers and I wish my dad was around. This is the perfect family. This is like my dream family.”

Isaac, not knowing what to say in the moment, stuck his finger in our Forerunner’s chest and said “You can have a family just like this one day. This can be you in 30 years.” In that moment, I hope our Forerunner realized that his story can be different. I pray he understands he can one day have a “dream family” of his own.

Thank you for helping our Forerunners realize that their story isn’t finished. Thank you for showing them that there is another way. Thank you for giving them hope.

Invest. Love. Transform.


Zachary GarzaComment