March 2018 Thank You Letter

I wish you all could have seen it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen our Forerunners as excited as they were for this Mavericks game. Our kiddos couldn’t stop talking about it. They got a chartered bus, pizza, t-shirts, backpacks, and an opportunity to meet some of the Maverick’s dance team. It was three hours of solid laughter and joy.

But it wasn’t the game that got them all up in a tizzy. It was being with each other. It was hanging out with their mentor. It was the feeling that they were special and valued. Honestly, I’m not even sure one kid sat back and enjoyed watching the basketball game. But I know every kid enjoyed feeling important.

Going to a Mavericks game doesn’t change a life. It’s what happens at that Mavericks game that makes an impact. The conversation, the affirmation, the encouragement, the laughter… those are the things that change a kid. Those are the things that make him feel like he has what it takes to succeed in this game called life.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting our ministry and for helping each one of our Forerunners get a chance to experience the feeling of being loved. Thank you for making these relationships possible.

Relationships Change Lives,


Zachary GarzaComment