February 2018 Thank You Letter

Gal-entines Day Party

What do you get when you mix Valentine’s Day with a bunch of our lovely Forerunner moms? You guessed it, you get a Gal-entine’s Day Party! We absolutely loved being able to spend some time with our Forerunner Friends and our Forerunner Moms. Nails were painted, stories were shared, and a good time was had by all. We even sent our moms home with a gift bag with some goodies and a copy of Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love”. Special thanks to Lake Highland’s Women’s League for the always-delicious food!

We Got a Few New Friends: Antioch Dallas

It feels good to have friends. Friends who care about you. Friends who have your back. Friends who believe in you. Relationships change lives, right? Antioch Dallas and Forerunner have been casual friends for a while now, but we decided to take our relationship to the next level. With their new building here in Lake Highlands, their church is a great place for Lake Highland families to come and gather. We’re excited to have a church right in our own backyard that supports the work we are doing here in LH!

Dallas After-School

One of our values is “Always Be Growing”. We believe that there is always room to improve, and that’s why we sought our Dallas After-School. Dallas After-School exists to unify afterschool care programs in Dallas County. They make sure we are providing quality after-school programs to help us increase academic scores, social-emotional skills, attendance in school, as well as reducing negative behaviors. We are so excited to have the opportunity for to DAS coach and train our Forerunner staff in new ways to better our programs! We value their covering big time!

A Triumph-ant Family Dinner

I wish you could have seen the size of these ribs. They were as thick as my 3 year old’s arms, I swear. We are beyond thankful for Triumph Bank, their giant BBQ trailer, and their volunteers who provided our February Forerunner Family Dinner. Seriously, these people showed up at 1pm, cooked for 5 hours, and provided delicious food, free of cost to us, for a bunch of our Forerunner families. They took care of the hard part while we got to have fun and build relationships. Special shout-out to Triumph Bank and our LH friends of Forerunner who made the connection!  

Relationships Change Lives


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