About Forerunner

Vision & Mission. Values & Beliefs. History.


Our Vision:

To serve and empower those affected by a father-absent home by building relationships founded on Jesus Christ.


Our Mission:

To guide future husbands, fathers, and leaders into spiritual, relational, and emotional wholeness and to fulfill their potential by:

  • Healing the father wound through one-on-one mentoring relationship

  • Fulfilling our Forerunner's potential through quality after-school programs

  • Supporting the family by providing community, friendship, and connections


We are a mentoring program that changes lives through investing in relationship with young men from father-absent homes.  


Our Values

Our Values

Philosophy of Ministry

What We Believe


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of influential supporters within the Lake Highlands community.  The main responsibility of the Board is to protect the vision and to govern our organization well. These people all have unique skill sets and perspectives that are important to consider when forming the foundation of Forerunner.