Why Do We Serve the Fatherless 


We believe there is a major problem in today’s society. Young men left to figure out this game called life all alone. A boy relying on the world around him to teach him how to carry himself. Most have no one in their life intentionally teaching them what it looks like to become a positive and productive man.

Without a male role model in the life of these boys, they are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to fulfilling their God-given potential. There is not one man in this boy’s life for him to admire. Not one person he personally knows for him to emulate.

That is a problem.

That problem’s name is fatherlessness.

Forerunner Mentoring Program exist to minister to those impacted by an absent-father. We step in the gap and build relationships with these young men and their families. We shepherd them as they figure out how to win at this game called life. We teach our boys what it looks like to be a positive and productive husband, father, and leader.

Building relationships. Shepherding our boys. Guiding them. Those are all great things. But most of all, we lead our young men to the father heart of God. We introduce our boys to a God who created them full of purpose and passion. We share about how we are sinners in need of a savior and how that savior’s name is Jesus Christ. We display to them to the radical concept that Jesus, perfect in nature, is offering us love and friendship that has nothing to do with us and our actions. We invite them to trust that his ways are better than our ways and that concepts like humility, compassion, and wisdom are truly what makes a manly man. We walk with our boys into manhood and initiate the hard conversations about growing up without a father figure present, all the while pointing them back to the unconditional love of our true father. We comfort them and bring the light of Jesus Christ to heal hurts or trauma from their past. We hope that we can help our boys experience scripture and everything that a relationship with Jesus has to offer.

It is our goal to allow the Lord to use our relationship with our young men to break the generational cycle of fatherlessness in every boy that we serve. It is our dream that our Forerunners future kids will never know what it is like to grow up without their father around.