As men who follow after Christ we are called to adopt the heart of God towards the fatherless, just as He has adopted us into His kingdom.  Coach Zach Garza understands why answering this call is so important:

“As a former teacher in the Lake Highlands area, I was surrounded everyday by young men who are desperately trying to figure out what it means to be a man. Only a very select few are surrounded by a father figure at home who is intentionally teaching their son how to become the men that God created them to be.”

The rest of us are left to figure it out on our own. Our young men today look to the example of athletes, television stars, rappers and their peers to teach them the essentials of what it looks like to be a man.

There is no one in their life taking the time to teach them the basics of manhood. There is no one there to teach them how a man reacts to responsibility or conflict. There is no one there to teach them how to respect others, especially the women that they interact with on a daily basis. There is no one there to love them and affirm them in the way a young man needs to be loved.

Without a male role model in their life, they are at a severe disadvantage on the journey to transition from living as a boy to a successful man in the areas of family, work, and education.

Our mission at Forerunner Mentoring Program is to take those young men who are without the aid of a father figure in their life and teach them by example what it looks like to be a responsible man who has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

It is clear that brokenness of the absentee father is passed on from one generation to the next. Without the intentional intervention from someone who genuinely cares, the cycle of fatherlessness will continue to pass on from generation to generation leaving a path of destruction and confusion that the next one in line has to fight through.

You cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge and the Forerunner Mentoring Program wants to help young men confront the pain in their lives caused by fatherlessness, as well as help them fulfill their God-given potential. Our aim is to equip and encourage our student to live a different life than the one their father led.  

Our desire is to walk with them in relationship while Christ writes a new story for their lives and the generations that follow them.