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Relationships Change Lives


"If a boy lives in a home with no male present, who is going to teach that boy to be a positive and productive man?"

A boy learns who he is and what he’s got only from another man. A boy cannot learn how to become a man from other boys and he sure cannot learn it from the world of women. No one has ever taught these boys what it means to be a man. No one has ever showed them how to act like a Godly man. He has never been validated. He has never been affirmed. He has never had someone believe in him and tell him “You have what it takes”. This is where we come in.

Relationships Change Lives

We believe that by pairing a young, fatherless young man with a Christ-centered mentor will produce true life change. Our mentoring will focus on consistently showing up and modeling the love and character of Christ. We love no matter what, just like Jesus did. 

More is caught than taught.

A mentor’s relationship with his Forerunner has to be founded and based on trust and love. Without trust and love, a relationship just isn’t going to amount to much. Our Forerunners don’t care what you know until they know that you care.Through your example, the Lord will use you to show our Forerunners what it looks like to truly be a man. Actions speak louder than words.

The Process

Transformation does not happen overnight. 

Kinder-2nd grade Foundations Program

Identify potential Forerunners

Discuss character, academic standing and potential with mom and teachers past and present

Have mother and potential Forerunner go through an application and interview process

Connect with student’s principal and teachers at local elementary schools

Each student will participate in our Foundations Program from 3-6pm on Monday through Thursday to focus on building a strong foundation of literacy in a Christ-Centered environment. 

3rd-6th Grade Equipping Program

Recruit and train mentors

Pair each young man up with a Christ-Centered mentor who will lay the relational foundation of trust and love by spending time and investing with the Forerunner. 

Each student will participate in our Equipping Program from 3-6pm in our Equipping Program on Monday through Thursday to focus on equipping our young men with the tools needed to fulfill their God-given potential in education, character, and leadership. 

7th-8th Grade Development Program

Each young man in our program will continue building a relationship based on trust and unconditional love. 

Each student will participate in our Development Program from 3:30-6pm on Monday through Thursday to focus on helping our young men transition from boyhood into manhood by guiding him through adolescence with a focus on Christ. 

Mentors are men of character and consistency:


Our Forerunner has to know that he can trust you.  He wants to know:

Are you a man of your word?

Are you going to show up when you say that you will?

Are you going to stick around, no matter what?


Our Forerunner has to know that you love him.  He is wondering:

Are you going to love me, accept me and support me no matter what?

Are you really in this to help me grow and become a better man, or do you have ulterior motives?

Are you going to sacrifice your time to spend time with me?

Faithful & Available

We use Mentoring as a way to heal the wound of fatherlessness.  Our mentor is:

Someone who has an active relationship with Christ and is an active part of a church body.

Someone who lives within 8 miles of Lake Highlands High School. 

Someone who is willing to contact their Forerunner once a week and see them at least once every two weeks.



K-2nd Grade After-School Foundations Program

Our Foundations Program meets 3 hours each day for 4 days a week. We focus on fulfilling potential in the area of literacy. Our program is an enriching environment where each of our Forerunners learn about the importance of reading from caring adults who want to see them succeed. 

3rd-6th Grade After-School Equipping Program

Our Equipping Program meets 3 hours each day for 4 days a week. We focus on fulfilling potential in the following three areas: education, character and leadership. 

We partner with local LH elementary schools and always keep a 1 to 6 adult to student ratio. We build relationships through fun, educational tutoring, and character lessons. We do whatever we can to keep our students engaged and do our best to help them improve as men. We do all of this while monitoring behavior and academic progress through communicating with their teachers and their mother. 

7th-12th Grade Mentoring

Our Forerunners continue learning about importance of character, leadership, and education by following the example of his mentor. We also require all Forerunners to participate in AVID as well as one more extra-curricular activity. 

We love for our Forerunners to participate in positive activities such as Young Life, church youth groups, etc...

Our mentors take necessary steps to ensure that our Forerunners are in good standing academically, emotionally, and socially so our they can thrive on their own when the graduate from high school. 


Serving the Single Mother

An important part of our vision is to serve and care for the family of our Forerunners, focusing primarily on the mother. Parenting was made to be handled by two people and when one of those partners is not around, it makes things really hard on the one left standing. Our mothers need help in many areas and many times have no one around to help them out and to support them.

We feel like it is our job, not only an organization but as followers of Christ, to support and to serve these women. It is our desire to have both mother and son live in an environment that is enriching and free from major stress and worry where both people can have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Forerunner feels called to be a connector for our single mothers to the resources in our great community that can help her out. That includes connecting each mom to a local church and community of believers. We want to open doors that she might not be able to open herself through our connections and resources in Lake Highlands. We want to be in her corner whether she needs help finding a job, fixing her car, or teaching and supporting her child.

We want to

Connect mom to a local church and community of believers to offer support when needed.

Be able to connect mom to their son’s elementary school to monitor her son’s academic progress.

Offer financial guidance to help her make the most of her money.

Open community doors for opportunities that could better her life and the life of her son.

Be available if an emergency arises within her family.

The mother agrees to

Be a supportive parent as her son participates in Forerunner Mentoring Program.

Be supportive of the relationship between the Forerunner and his mentor.

Live in the Lake Highlands area.

Have her children attend Lake Highland schools.

Participate in financial training.

Be open to attending and participating in a Lake Highlands church.