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At the moment, Forerunner Mentoring is not an open enrollment program. Please do not fill out this application unless we have instructed you to do so. We hope to grow in capacity soon, but right now we can only serve a limited number of students. Please also keep in mind that we are a faith-based organization and everything we do and teach stems from that. For more info, please visit the “What We Believe” section at the bottom of our About page. 

We desire to create a healthy, enriching environment for each of our Forerunner families. We ask a lot of the families of our Forerunners and believe that you are the first line of help for your child. We see Forerunner Mentoring Program and the families of our Forerunners working together to give the Forerunner the best situation possible. 

If you are a prospective mother, the main thing that we want you to know is that we are for you. We are in your corner and we want to see you flourish. We want you to be the best version of "you" possible. We thank you for even considering joining our program and we hope we can partner to best serve you and your family! 

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